Dental Implant Reconstruction

Dental Implant Reconstruction

A dental implant reconstruction can take several forms and show pictorially below:

  • a single tooth reconstruction
  • a bridge construction involving 2 or more teeth
  • a full jaw reconstruction involving all the teeth in a single jaw

When replacing all the teeth, the options are:

  • a large fixed bridge on multiple implants, typically 6 implants
  • a large ‘over-denture’ which is fixed on 4 implants and is only removable by your implant surgeon
  • a large ‘over-denture’ which can be removed

The difference between a fixed bridge and an over-denture is that the over-denture will replace lost gum and bone tissue with acrylic flanges. A bridge cannot do this. If your facial appearance has lost support due to reduced volume of tissue, we would recommend an excerllent over-denture option known as the ‘spark-erosion bridge’. This is a hybrid system between a bridge and an over-denture. Whereas this reconstruction can be removed by the patient, it has a very robust locking system which make it feel as rigid and firm as a dental bridge.

The graphics below will help you appreciate the general scheme of the various options.


Our Clinical Director, Dr.Raj Wadhwani has undertaken extensive research and written a dissertation on techniques of  ‘Full Mouth Reconstruction” in Implantology and would be delighted to discuss the various options of full mouth recoinstruction with you.

The first video describes how to reconstruct a segment of your jaw with dental implant bridgework.

The second video describes the general reconstruction of a whole jaw with dental implants.

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