Our £70,000 Investment

As a Dental Group we made a £70,000 investment in keeping you safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

26 Jun 2020

When COVID-19 was first announced many may have thought it would be over in a few months and that it was nothing to worry about. Almost 2 years later and COVID-19 is still in our lives and has unfortunately impacted so many lives in the worst ways.

We decided early on to invest in our staff's and our patient's safety. As a dental group, Antwerp Dental Group, we chose to make a £70,000 investment in air purifiers and virus killers to place throughout our Practices.

You may have seen these devices dotted around in other shops, doctor surgeons and public spaces. However we have ensured that all our Practices have an air purifier in every clinical or waiting room.

As a Group we made the largest single order of air purifier technology, known as Dentair and Radic8 Virus Killers.

These purifiers pass air through medical grade Hepa 13 filters and ultraviolet light to kill greater than 99.9% of airborne bacteria and viruses. These purifiers also provide excellent clean air, free from allergens for those visiting our practice.

Not only have we invested in air purifiers to keep everyone safe but we also introduced a rigid COVID screening process, only allowing those that pass this screening to enter our practices.

We also undertake risk assessments to ensure that all treatment spaces undergo a complete air exchange every 6 minutes. After treating a patient we ensure that we follow national guidelines on fallow times between appointments.

We are very proud of our commitment in keeping our staff and patients safe in this difficult time and would like to ensure you that we will do our best to ensure you feel comfortable and confident when visiting us.